Additional Needs

The Space

We passionately believe that relationship with Jesus and community is something that everyone should have access to.

We hope to eliminate as many barriers as possible to enable all young people to come along to DTI.‘The Space’ at DTI offers support and provision to those attending with additional needs and disabilities.

We have a wonderful team of volunteers that help to facilitate ‘The Space’ within the main venue and afternoon sessions. We have two gazebos with sides within the main venue that have soft flooring, sensory lighting, fidget toys, ear defenders, bean bags, blankets and art materials. There is a team of lovely volunteers that are around to chat with the young people and support them throughout the sessions. Both gazebos are placed around the venue in spaces that allow young people to still engage with what is happening on the main stage and access worship but offers a space that is slightly quieter and away from the crowds.Main sessions including worship are also on a live stream which is shown in the Dream cafe, if your young person needs a break from the main venue or struggles to be in the main venue, this is a space where they can still engage in the sessions and worship in a quieter space. There will be a team to chat, pray and support the young people in this space too.

During the afternoons The Space’ opens in a building outside of the main venue which becomes a pop up sensory space, with space for young people to come and switch off, and have fun in a less busy space. They can engage in some of the activities like art, jigsaw puzzles, board games and other fun things. There will be a team around to hang out. This Venue is open from 2pm-5pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to