Let's read the Bible together

We've teamed up with YouVersion and have created our very own devotionals that you can read on the Bible App! Why not go through one of these with your youth group?

Live to the Full

In John 10:10 Jesus offers us all life to the full. But what does it mean to live life to the full. At DTI’s summer festival in 2023, we explored this, and we have broken this down into this nine-day Bible plan.

Lessons From James

James. Half-brother of Jesus and leader in the early church. Over the next 5 days, we will make our way through the book of James and draw out the wisdom scattered through each chapter. Each day as we unlock a new chapter, we will explore how James’ wisdom can help us in our lives as followers of Jesus.

The Highs And The Lows

Growing up as young people, we can face many challenges. The teenage years are filled with different pressures and influences that can make standing strong in our faith difficult. We all go through hard times, whether friendships, family, mental health, or insecurity. Over the next ten days, we will dive into some of the heroes of the faith, the challenges they faced, and the lessons we can learn from them.

Psalms to Make You Think

Psalms are songs, poems and writings to God, they make you think and they often lead you into a place of worship, awe and the presence of God. Take the next 4 days to let 4 different Psalms expand your mind and deepen your relationship and passion for God.

How to Thrive in Teenagehood

This Bible plan was written by teenagers for teenagers so that young people would not just survive this season of their lives but thrive in this season of their lives. Enjoy this 10 day devotional as you go deeper with God and why not invite one of your mates to join in too.

Faith Starter Pack

You just gave your life to Jesus! Congratulations on the best decision you'll ever make. Your life is forever changed, and you get to go on the greatest adventure with Jesus, being transformed to be more like him. You’ll probably also have questions about what's next. So take the next seven days of this plan to look at how to get your relationship with Jesus off to the best start.


You have been CREATED! Over the next 4 days, we’ll be exploring what it means to be God’s ‘workmanship’ and looking at how God has created each of us uniquely with a good plan in mind for our lives.

Immeasurably More

There is always more of God, His love is endless, His Grace is never ending and He is more Just than we could ever believe. Over the next few days we’ll be diving deeper into who God is and how that changes everything.