We'd love your prayers.

We'd love you to join us in praying for Dreaming The Impossible 2021 and the hundreds of young people that will be attending over the next week. We believe in the power of prayer and would love as many of you as possible to be lifting up the next generation in prayer! You can do this on your own by signing up to take a prayer slot, or joining others on Zoom to pray together.
24/7 Prayer Rota
Open from 7am - 10pm, Friday 30th July - Thursday 5th August
The way the 24/7 Prayer Rota works is by signing up for a slot and committing to set aside that hour(s) to pray for DTI from wherever you are and however you would like to. The hope is that every slot would be filled and the whole event would be covered in prayer. Please note: the purple shaded areas are when our Prayer Zoom Room will also be open, but you can still sign up for a slot. If the slot you would like to take appears to already be ‘filled’, don’t worry you can still sign up and pray from wherever you are - the more the better!
Prayer Zoom Room
If you would rather pray with others, you can join our prayer zoom call which will be open between the following times during DTI A and B:
  • 7-8 am
  • 12:30 -1:30pm
  • 9-10 pm
Prayer Points
If you’d like to pray but don’t know how to spend the time, here are some prayer points to help you get started:
  • That we would see people give their lives to Jesus
  • That our young people would encounter him in healing, breakthrough and miracles
  • That dreams would be stirred up in our youth
  • Protection for our youth and youth leaders
  • That during DTI B we would see lots of people tune in online


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